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Wix That Works is the UK's

No. 1 Wix Agency.

Wix That Works is a 5 star rated extension of the Full-Service Agency That Works. We're here for small businesses & start-ups looking to build their businesses and access affordable services from our team of industry experts. 


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Capture & Convert Package

So, you've started your business, you've been running your social media and you're ready for the next thing. 

Introducing the Capture & Convert package from Wix That Works. 

The first port of call for anyone looking to get into paid advertising, without breaking the bank. 


Capture: Google Ads

The capture element of this package comprises of Google Ads management. It offers you the ability to advertise on Google searches and put your business in front of people searching for services just like yours.

When in the right hands, google ads can give you a direct link to customers who want your service. They're literally searching for it!

Convert: Facebook Remarketing

So, you've got the customers on your website, that's step one. But maybe they weren't ready to submit their lead or make their purchase, and that's ok. 

Now it's your job to reach out to those people and keep them in the loop. Don't leave them in the dark. 

Facebook ads are a brilliant tool allowing you to remarket to those people who've already been on your website, know who you are, and are interested in your service. 


Track Results: Reporting

At the end of each month we'll provide you a report on the work we've done and break down the numbers for you. 

We'll show you how much traffic and how many leads and sales we've driven for your investment. 



Your ideal customer, bring them to your website to take a look at what you do and the services you offe.r



Reconnect with them on Facebook when they're ready to make their purchase or submit their lead.

report png.png


We'll show you how exactly the results we've driven for you and show you where the success has come from.

Where to find us. 

Avenue HQ, 10-12 East Parade, Leeds. LS1 2BH


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Email: | Call: 07495650616​

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